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Disconnected Chronic Care Model

Chronic care patients interact daily with pharmacy, physician and facilities. Currently the flow of data between the three parties is disconnected leading to siloed care for the patient. The technology being built by Asenda Health will be the only connected platform in the chronic care healthcare industry to address the disconnect and ensure data harmonization between all three parties. 

pillars of Asenda Health physician services

We operate the physician services portion of our business with a focus on the following goals:

Improve Patient Outcomes 

Increase Communication Between Physician/NP & Facility Staff  

Decrease Rehospitalizations, Psychotropic Use, Opiate Use, Medical Errors, etc.  

Improve Star Ratings 

Asenda Health's Connected Model

Asenda health's solution to interconnectivity of health care entities

Asenda Health brings a multidisciplinary and data-driven approach to physician services. We serve our partners and patients with a team of dedicated providers who understand the post-acute world along with all its challenges. 

Together we can work to connect the silos in the healthcare world.