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As President of Monark Ventures, Mr. Sikka is recognized as one of Canada’s top entrepreneurial leaders. After co-founding Monark in 2001, Monty has provided the leadership and vision required to build it into a powerhouse of technological innovations. Monty’s direction has guided the company to numerable successes with creating businesses and seeing them through to viability, visibility, and profitability. Notable among them are ones in pharma care, real estate development, and more recently telehealth care and cannabis retail.

In 2001, Monty and Mark Catroppa founded an e-commerce pharmacy platform in Canada (Orbital Logistics, Inc.), which grew to $100 million in annual sales, filled over 10 million prescriptions, and had 300 employees in 5 countries on the back of their initial $5,000 investment. With this success, they founded, scaled, and took public a medical cannabis company that surpassed $1 billion in market capitalization. Through their family office, Monark Group, Mark and Monty invested in a collection of ecommerce, technology, and real estate companies. Monark Group is also where Asenda Health was initially incubated.

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